2) Dinas Oleu

Dinas OleuDinas Oleu, (‘Fortress of Light’), was a Roman-period hill fort on a four and a half acre parcel of land. It was the first property to be given to help form the National Trust and was donated in 1895 by Mrs Fanny Talbot, a local landowner and philanthropist who was a major figure in Barmouth.  

Mrs Talbot said at the time, "I have long wanted to secure for the public for ever the enjoyment of Dinas Oleu, but wish to put it to the custody of some society that will never vulgarise it, or prevent wild nature from having its way. I have no objection to grassy paths or stone seats in proper places but I wish to avoid the abomination of asphalt paths and the cast-iron seats of serpent design which disfigure so largely our public parks, and it appears to me that your association has been born in the nick of time." 

A stone seat marks the National Trust Centenary of the donation. It is a remarkably atmospheric location, looking out over Cardigan Bay, and a few moments here contemplating what life on this hill top site must have been like can be very sobering

 View from Dinas Oleu