10) Ynys y Brawd

Ynys y Brawd, BarmouthThe dunes adjacent to Barmouth used to be an island, known as Ynys-y-Brawd, (“Island of the Brothers”), which was inaccessible by foot other than at very low tides. John Leland, the Elizabethan traveller, described it in around 1549 as ‘being two bow shots from land’.  The ferocious tides were extremely dangerous and attempts were made to site a light beacon on the island but this was destroyed by a storm. The dangerous currents claimed many lives and a linking barrier/wall was built during the late 1960’s/early 70’s as part of a wider flood prevention scheme to prevent further loss of life. The ‘Brothers’ of the islands name may well have been Friars associated with the Cistercian monks of Cymer Abbey in nearby Dolgellau.Ynys y Brawd

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