13) The Last Inn and Surrounding Buildings

The Last Inn 1889A large number of the buildings in Barmouth date from the rebuilding of the town from the 19th century but earlier buildings give Barmouth great variety if we investigate a little. 

Graig Fach forms a pair of cottages with a well preserved early 19th century frontage and is squeezed between later buildings. Earlier cottages also remain at Anchor Cottage and Quay Cottage and give the scale/size of many of the buildings that stood near the shore. Old Cottages

The Last Inn itself, although much altered now, is clearly of the same type of building and as it is a pub you can go inside and get a good idea of the interior of one of these cottages from Barmouth’s earlier days. A unique feature is a well at the rear of the interior where the bare rock of the mountain forms part of an interior wall. Fresh spring water bubbles up here into a pool within the pub itself. The Last Inn used to be home to a shoemaker and takes its name from a cobbler’s last, used to hold a shoe while being made or repaired. 

The Last InnYou can see a 360 degree image of the Last Inn and the surrounding space here: