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14) Church Street

Walsall House, Church Street, BarmouthWalking up the road, (Church Street), a variety of Victorian ‘boarding houses’ and hotels, such as the Barmouth Hotel, show how the town developed to cater for the new age of tourism in the 19th century. But immediately behind them remained the often squalid conditions of Old Barmouth (See 4).

The Old Tea Rooms, (‘Walsall House’), occupy an early 18th century building with a later addition to the right. It was converted from cottages to become a leather goods and hardware shop in the 20th century and was painted in a vivid black and white timber frame effect during the 1930s. If you go up close you can still see the outline on the paintwork. Tradition has it that they were fishermen’s cottages. 

The Steps, Church Street, BarmouthOn both sides of Church Street later shops were built on the remnants/foundations of older buildings but there are a few survivals. The Steps, for example, (now a jewellery shop), stands where John Owen the barber operated in 1880. 

Church Street runs north, becoming the High Street just to the right of an imposing Georgian building with a splendid façade, (Aber House).

 The Trail now heads along the High Street where a short walk reveals a surprising wealth of historical buildings.