17) Ebeneezer’s (1881)

Ebeneezer's BarmouthAnother of Barmouth’s fine chapels, built in 1881, constructed from the distinctive green slate stone. The pews are now removed from this former Wesleyan chapel but the interior is otherwise intact with an interesting décor. The attached building to the left was the Methodist Manse.

The old Cambrian Drapery, BarmouthSlightly further along on the other side of the road was the General Cambrian Drapery, (1882-5). The long established business of Morris and Sons was still operating from a small traditional shop until Glan Glasfor was built as a much more impressive house with shop premises on the main road, thus forming the General Cambrian Drapery. Like other stores in the town this development took advantage of the influx of people into Barmouth who wished to purchase good quality products. Sadly the First World War affected the success of the venture and it seldom reached its early ambition. It has stood empty for several decades. Ebenezer Chapel 1881